TEST Hootsuite

Foto: Sittard-Geleen.nieuws.nl

Planning to post a link to an article that is not yet live on a news site, but will be when the posting date and time have arrived, to Facebook, does not function properly anymore. The Facebook time line shows “Page not found”, where it should show a visual of the article. The article however IS LIVE on the newssite. Clicking “Page not found” opens it! This is very annoying an should be fixed ASAP.

For this I created a testaccount on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SGbesnieuwstestpagina-107147610651485/
I plan to publish an article on the website Sittard-Geleen.nieuws.nl. The article is called ‘TEST Hootsuite’ and should go live at 17:00 GMT.

Link to the article will be: https://sittard-geleen.nieuws.nl/zz-geen-categorie/20190820/test-hootsuite/

I plan to post the link to that article with Hootsuite and plan to publish that at 17:05 in the time line of https://www.facebook.com/SGbesnieuwstestpagina-107147610651485/

You’ll see that Facebook displays “Page not foud” or in Dutch “Pagina niet gevonden – Sittard-Geleen” .